Hartford Outreach Program 2014

On May 28, many students took a break from learning, and experienced what it was like to be teacher instead, as a part of the annual Hartford Outreach Program conducted by the Lenape Chemistry Club. In groups of 4-6 people, the students were assigned to a classroom and prepared various chemistry demonstrations to amaze the sixth graders, and instill in them a love for science. It was a stimulating experience for all. Each group had to teach two or three classes, depending on seniority, and experienced firsthand the joys and struggles of being a teacher. The groups had to fill three eighty minute periods without any teacher help, but all of them did a fantastic job. One participant said “It was a lot tougher than I thought it would be; keeping the kids attention but still making it educational. Mrs. Condurso makes it look easy.” (Mrs. Condurso teachers chemistry and advises the Chemistry Club.)

The kids were also blown away, experiencing fan favorite demonstrations such as the Triple Point of Dry Ice, Dr. Jekyll’s Home Brew, and the infamous Burning Dollar. “Ooh”s and “Ah”s abounded from the crowd. They were very impressed with what to them must have seemed like magic. Not only did they have fun, but they all learned various important chemistry concepts as well. When some groups asked if they had learned anything at the end of the class, there wasn’t a single hand that wasn’t raised. 

The kids were also blown away…

The Hartford Outreach program touched many students, and helped put Lenape out into the community. Some of the people in Chemistry Club now are there due to the Hartford Outreach program years ago, when they were still in Hartford. Now it has come full circle, and it was their time to amaze, rather than be amazed. Almost every Hartford student that was asked expressed interest in joining the Chemistry Club, or just taking Chemistry as a class, showing the power of community involvement. If anyone thinks that they’d love to teach kids, spread the love of science, or just learn about cool science demos like the ones listed above, Chemistry Club is the place to be. We guarantee you’ll have a blast.