The Lenape Jazz Festival


The Lenape Jazz Band

On Friday, February 10th, Lenape High School held its 7th annual jazz festival. The festival was comprised of the Williamstown, Seneca, Cherokee, Lenape, and both Shawnee jazz bands and ensembles, each playing 3-4 songs.  They were then reviewed by the judges. The evening was full of wonderful music, stellar soloists, and incredibly talented musicians. At the end of the night, Shawnee went home with 4 awards including Outstanding Rhythm and Saxophone Sections as well as 2 Outstanding Soloist Awards for Catherine Madwell on alto saxophone and Joe Weiss on vibraphone. Cherokee won the awards for Outstanding Trumpet and Trombone Sections and an Outstanding Soloist Award for Dave Mosko on the trombone. Seneca’s Alex Benasutti also won a soloist award for his amazing solos on the alto saxophone. Unfortunately, Lenape did not receive any awards during the night, but the band still played well and gave it their all. You can check out part of their performance of the song “Funktion Junction” and other pictures below.