Lenape Live: Virtual Edition


For those who don’t know, Lenape Live is the school’s very own show that usually plays on the TVs every Friday morning after the announcements. The hosts brief you on important happenings, and feature a variety of eye-catching pre-recorded segments. However, since the pandemic began, schools and all things related had to adapt– which includes Lenape Live. Now, not only will Lenape Live stream in school, students can also tune in on Youtube every Friday morning at 7:30. Although it won’t be exactly as it was, their goal is still the same: to bring you interesting and enjoyable weekly episodes to brighten your day.

Instead of the past segments that most students are used to seeing, the segments featured at the start of this season will be presented in a more verbal way. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t be any less exciting. Here are a few segments that have been presented so far:

  • This Week In History – Viewers will get to learn about a fascinating and significant historical event that took place during the week of the show.
  • The Wellness Center – This will include information, stress relieving tips, inspirational quotes, and much more from the Wellness Center.
  • Students/Employee of the Month – Every month, one student from each grade will be recognized and announced for their services and efforts to the school and community. An outstanding employee will also receive recognition.
  • Photo of the Week – Starting after Winter Break, student photographers can submit their best photos to Lenape Live for the chance to be showcased in this segment.

More interesting segments will be coming soon!

For now, remember to tune in to Lenape Live every Friday morning at 7:30 on YouTube! Want to keep up with them? Check out their Twitter @LenDigitalMedia and Instagram @LenapeDigitalMedia.

Here are the links for the first two episodes that have aired for the season: