When is the Best Time to Listen to Holiday Music?


Holiday music always brings the nostalgic feeling of being with your family, exchanging gifts, and the festive spirit. Every tune is cherished across all ages, whether it’s while you are baking cookies or decorating your home. However, there is debate on when we should start listening to holiday music, and it’s not always November 1st. Personally, I think you should begin the holiday music festivities around the week of Thanksgiving. That way, you won’t get tired of the same music over and over again up until the actual holiday itself, and you still have time to enjoy it. But, opinions vary from different people, so let’s hear what some of our other students at Lenape have to say:

Sophomore Rachel Lawrence says that “the Saturday after Thanksgiving is the best time to start listening” because it “gives you enough time to appreciate Thanksgiving and Black Friday.” Katherine Pappas, a senior, shares the same view on listening after Thanksgiving. Similarly, Sawyer Lanni believes that a week before Thanksgiving is a good time to begin holiday music. Kasey Thomas also says we should start listening on Thanksgiving because “it’s officially the holiday season.” This idea isn’t uncommon, as more than half of listeners would say that after Thanksgiving is an optimal time for cranking up the holiday cheer.

On the other hand, Dan Baker thinks that listening to holiday music right after Halloween is a good time to start. He says, “There is no shame in looking forward to the holiday season when it’s just a month away.” He believes that taking a break during Thanksgiving weekend would help break up the repetition, but he fully supports listening to holiday music after putting away our costumes and candy. Senior Grace Boltz also shares a similar perspective as she likes to start the holiday music on November 1st.

Whether you’ll be listening to “Jingle Bells,” “Sleigh Ride,” “Winter Wonderland,” or another holiday hit, take some time to ask your fellow peers when they think is the best time to listen to holiday music because you may be surprised on what you find!