Fashion in Friends

The TV show, Friends, has become a widely popular show. The fashion in this hit sitcom is coming back into style. The different looks that the characters sport throughout the show have become widely known, and there are some iconic looks– especially Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel’s outfits. Here are some of their best looks that might inspire you to rewatch the show once more:


1. Rachel’s yellow dress – “The One With All the Kissing”

This delicate dress with the small detailing is perfect. The dress looks amazing with Rachel’s updo. The pastel yellow is very flattering on Rachel, but she could pull off any color, to be honest.









2. Also, Rachel’s black embroidered dress – “The One With the Halloween Party” 

It is a similar style dress to the yellow one, and still stunning.








3. Phoebe’s moose sweater layered over a skirt – “The One After the Superbowl Part 1”

The layering with the black scrunchie is a great look. Layering with oversized sweaters is especially trendy at the moment, and Phoebe’s outfit is a perfect example.









4. Phoebe’s velvet dress – “The One With the Racer Car Bed”

This is another excellent dress. The contrast stitching adds an extra pop that elevates the dress.









5. Rachel’s green dress – “The One Where No One is Ready”

This episode is ranked as one of the best episodes of the show, and Rachel had an amazing dress. Of course, it took the whole episode for her to get dressed, but it was still a great choice.










6. Monica’s crop-top and pants – “The One With the Thumb”

This outfit of Monica’s is both classy and casual. The billowing pants along with the cropped shirt are a fun combination.








Also, Phoebe’s red and white dress from that same episode. The red and white print is very cute, and all of Pheobe’s jewelry completes the outfit perfectly. 











7. Monica’s red dress – “The One With Ross’s Wedding”

Another red dress, but fancier. This dress is amazing, and there is no way she was mistaken for Ross’s mother in that dress.












8. Monica’s casual outfit with jeans – “The One at the Beach”

This is yet another amazing look from Monica, and this one is quite casual. She could wear anything and still look good.











9. Rachel’s casual plaid skirt and high knee socks – “The One Where the Monkey Gets Away”

This outfit is one of the more well-known ones. The combination of the knee-socks and plaid skirt is super cute.










10. Rachel’s green top and plaid skirt – “The One With the Assistant”

A classy outfit for work, and the pencil skirt is adorable.











11. Phoebe and Rachel’s floral bridesmaid dresses from Monica’s wedding – “The One After I Do”

Monica spent a ton of time meticulously planning her wedding. She made a great choice for bridesmaid dresses.










12. Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel’s sporty outfits – “The One With the Football”

How can you participate in an impromptu football game without some comfortable clothing? Somehow Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe still manage to look fashionable.









13. Phoebe’s red and white quarter zip – “The One With Phoebe’s Dad”

Even if only Phoebe’s top is visible in this shot, this sweatshirt looks great. Her sweatshirt also matches Monica’s throw blanket.








14. Rachel’s black Thanksgiving ensemble – “The One With Chandler in a Box”

It is a great way to show up to Thanksgiving, even with some strange events happening. 










15. Monica’s light green polo top with jeans – “The One With the Hypnosis Tape”

Polo tops are very trendy right now. Monica’s tea-green top with matching eyeshadow is a fantastic pairing.