Spring 2023 Fashion Trends


Spring is finally here! This winter felt super long, so now that spring is here, it’s time to bring out your spring clothing. While you are out shopping for more spring clothes,  here are the top fashion trends for this spring:

1. The color purple

A color that is popping up frequently this spring is purple. Various shades of purple are flying off the shelves. 

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2. Tote bags 

There are so many cute tote bag designs, and tote bags are perfect for carrying all of your stuff. 

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3. Maxi skirts

Last year, short skirts were in, so naturally this spring, maxi skirts have made a comeback. 

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4. Baggy pants

Pants have transitioned from tighter styles to baggier styles. These include jeans, cargo pants, and even baggy sweatpants. Also, parachute pants have come back into fashion, which are the baggiest. 

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5. “Ballet” Fashion

Ballet fashion is a more feminine style, consisting of light colors and delicate shapes. Clothing companies even have a whole “balletcore” section on their website.

Urban Outfitters Balletcore Page – Shop Now

Francesca’s Balletcore Page – Shop Now

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6. Bright-colored Bottoms

During the spring and summer seasons, bright colors usually make a comeback. But this spring, bright colors are primarily seen in bottoms this spring. 

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7. Modern Boho

Boho clothes were in a few years ago. Now, the style has been updated, so the style is a mix of boho and modern clothing. The best example of this would be Francesca’s and Free People. 

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8. Sheer layers

Layering has always been popular, but recently, people have been layering with a sheer layer on top. It’s stylish, but won’t make you overheat. 

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9. Large Purses

They follow the trend of using larger bags, like the tote bag trend. It can be more practical to carry a larger purse, so you can hold more personal items. Yet, they can also be an added statement to your outfit. 

Steve Madden Bsammy Bucket Bag from Macy’s – Shop Now

Satchel Handbag from Target – Shop Now

Side-Cinch Shopper Bag 18L from Lululemon  – Shop Now


10. Floral patterns 

A popular fabric pattern has been florals. The most popular floral pattern is clothing with smaller flowers, and they’re usually blue or pink. It’s definitely a closet staple to have at least one piece of clothing with this floral pattern. 

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