Smoke Signal

Hiya! My name is Radhe and when I grow up I want to be a unicorn. People tell me that's not going to happen. But who are they to crush my dreams? Anyways, when I am not on my mission to become that mystical and magical creature, there are a bunch of things I like to do with my time. I love reading and taking myself to another world, sometimes in which unicorns can exist. Sometimes I wonder how I would fit earbuds into my ears if I were a unicorn. I can't imagine a life without music so I hope somebody invents a device to help unicorns out with that.  I also enjoy playing basketball and tennis, which, in all honesty, would be quite difficult to do if I were a 4 legged creature. But, as I like to say, you only live once, so trying out life as a unicorn would definitely be worth a shot.

Radhe Bangad, Staff Writer

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Radhe Bangad