Lenape Marching Band Holds its 42nd Annual Marching Band Competition

Lenape Marching Band
Lenape Marching Band Marching Band Competition
Marching Band Competition

On Saturday, October 5, 2013, our Lenape Marching Band held its 42nd Annual Marching Band Competition. Hundreds of fans came to support many of the schools that participated in this competition. These schools included Absegami, Cherokee, Shawnee, Burlington Township, and many more.

Surprisingly, even with Lenape’s student population, Lenape had one of the smallest marching bands out of all the schools; however, this did not affect the band’s performance. Although Lenape was not eligible to win because our school had held the event, everyone in the band went and gave it his best, giving 100%. They were fantastic, as were the rest of the bands!

In the end, after the intense competition, Shawnee had the most points, thus winning the event. Although our band was not able to place since the competition was held by Lenape, we ended with the second most points in the competition.