Staff Spotlight: Mr. Porco

They call him Porco. You may see him walking the halls, aviators on, tie clip gleaming in the Lenape lights, shoes freshly polished. Once a Lenape student himself, Mr. Porco now teaches many classes such as Financial Literacy, U.S History 1, Strategies for Success, and AP Economics. As he searches for an empty classroom for the interview to take place in, I pull out my recorder, getting ready to enter the mind of the great Mr. Porco.


Q: What made you first want to become a teacher?

Porco: My parents were both involved in education. My dad is a former elementary school principal and my mom is a second grade teacher. They always seemed to like teaching.  Growing up in this environment, I decided to go to college and fuse my love of history with what I saw from my parents.  This drove me to become a teacher.

Q: What is it like to work with teachers who once taught you?

Porco: At first, it was very interesting to see these people behind the scenes in the faculty room and the planning center.  At this point in time, it is pretty nonchalant.

Q: When did you first start truly loving history?

Porco: My grandmother was very influential in my life. When she would babysit, she would always educate me about history. I was able to memorize the presidents in order when I was five.

Q: Can you still do that? That’s pretty impressive.

Porco: Oh yeah!

Q: It just so happened that I heard you are the greatest economics teacher in the school. It this true?

Porco: I suppose when there is only one economics teacher I get that honor by default….I hope.

Q: So, if you could go to any country in the world, what country would it be?

Porco: Hmmm. That is the first good question you have asked. What country? Geez. That’s a tough one. I would have to say Italy. I have never been there. My father is 100% Italian, so I would really like to go [and] retrace my roots. I would also like to explore the history of the Roman Empire. It also has such a diverse landscape. In the south, it has a very warm Mediterranean climate, and in the north you have the Alps.

Q: That is pretty interesting. Their economy is not so great. So, as an economics teacher, do you think you should go there and save their country?

Porco: That is beyond my pay grade.

Q: What is your favorite drink?

Porco: Maybe a nice sparkling lemonade or a bold, rich espresso.

Q: As a history teacher, if your name had to go down in history for one thing, what would it be?

Porco: I would say for conserving resources, land, and wildlife. I would like to develop a system of living where there is great infrastructure. People can travel from place to place while having a great community in each town. There would be a lot of open space. There would be a center of town. I want society to develop in this more efficient way of living.


He opens up his sunglasses case and pulls out aviators, preparing to exit the school. He is the legend they call… Mr. Porco.