iPhone’s new iOS7 debuts on September 18th

This month came with not only the start of the school year, but also with Apple’s new iPhone models and iOS system. Dubbed as iOS7, this new software outfitted for Apple products is perhaps the most revolutionary and innovative iOS system Apple has created in terms of aesthetic quality and functionality. Apple revamped the style and colors of each app, and made improvements in the look and function of each app – no stone was left unturned. For example, Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, is able to understand and implement more commands than ever before. The camera app comes with more editing and filming options, increasing the versatility of the iOS 7’s pictures. The anticipation for this groundbreaking system was mammoth. According to cnet.com, a reputable source for gadgets and electronics, within 12 hours of the release, 130 million people downloaded the free update. I myself saw people in my classroom as well as my fellow peers in the hallway peering down at their screens, in an attempt to have the latest and greatest in iOS. However, as with many novel systems, there were a few glitches that severely undermined the security of Apple’s phone. There were methods of bypassing the password set on the phone as well as issues with the fingerprint scanner that allowed people to access sensitive information contained in the phone. Luckily, Apple sent another quick update over the course of a few days to patch it up. Yet, some problems still persist: iMessage, Apple’s native messaging app, has been reported to be affecting certain phones with a bug that won’t allow texts to go through. Unfortunately, Apple has not released a patch for this specific problem. Nevertheless, the new iOS7 has received much acclaim for its aesthetic appeal as well as its improved functionality, and continues to delight its users.

Included below are a few screenshots detailing the new features of the iOS7 system.