Science League Holds Annual Zumba Fundraiser

On November 20th, Science League teamed up with Knowledge Bowl for a Zumba fundraiser! One of the most unique, physically exhilarating, and galvanizing fundraisers, Zumba serves to add fun and craze into mundane exercise. Held in Lenape’s North Gym, dozens of people came to have a great time. The money collected serves to fund some of the activities of Science League and Knowledge Bowl, such as Nerdapalooza. Nerdapalooza, which also includes Math Team to create a trifecta, is the annual celebration of the successes of a great academic year. Some of the funds go into the scholarships given to qualifying seniors who have contributed much effort to the success of these teams. Guaranteed to give a sweaty workout to even those who are in the best of shape, the Zumba fundraiser is fun, family favorite!

Students enjoy zumba in the North Gym