Homecoming 2013

Freshmen have a Monsters Inc. hallway!

A dark gymnasium and a heavy beat can only mean one thing – homecoming! This year’s homecoming did NOT disappoint. You don’t have to take my word to believe it. Many others believed homecoming to be a blast! Taylor Nieto (’15) said, “[Homecoming was] fun and everyone was having a good time with lots of dancing and happy faces.” Some people, like myself, were dancing a little too hard. Dayna Halcomb (’15) summed this up when she said, “I was very tired after because I was partying so hard.” The dancing could only be done to the music of our DJ, who was a hit! Ralph Palmero (’15) said “this year we had a really good DJ who picked a lot of nice songs that got the crowd hyped.” Julia Warren (’15) and Celine Pence (’15) collectively said, “The music was great” and “the music was especially amazing; I liked the beats.” As a final verdict, homecoming was a great success!