Maddie Sasse ’16 and Andrea ’16 present electives

It’s that time of year again… class selection time! Students are given the chance to pick classes that best suit their tastes. More importantly, every student is given the opportunity to choose electives- or classes that the student can pick based off of personal preference instead of requirements. There are so many to choose from that it can be overwhelming to just select a few, but it’s important to choose a class that interests you.

One of the main issues with choosing electives is that nobody really knows which classes are being offered the next school year. It turns out that if not enough students sign up for the same elective, the class will not be taught. But isn’t that unfair to the kids who were looking forward to that class? What if that class was necessary for a student to get into a specific program at his or her dream college?

Some people may think that dropping a class that isn’t entirely “full” is the right thing to do, but I think that if a student wants to learn about something that they’re passionate about, they should get the opportunity to learn about it. So what if there’s only one, two, three, however many students in the class? Kids should be able to learn about something they like no matter what.

I’ve been in a class with only eight students. I found a smaller class more enjoyable  because I received direct and full attention from the teacher, as well as help when I needed it. The small student to teacher ratio can be extremely beneficial. Isn’t one of the main points of school to guide a student in the right direction and to make the student’s learning experience a great one? How can a student enjoy their learning experience if that experience is being restricted?

So while you’re picking your electives for the next school year, take your interests into consideration. Electives are the classes that you really get to choose for yourself, so choose something that you find beneficial to your own education.