Hero Club Holds Its Spring Fundraiser at Tony Luke’s + Taylor Kane Interview

Taylor Kane ’16 (left), Liza Chang ’16 (right)

Hero Club holds its spring fundraiser as a “Dine and Dinner” at Tony Luke’s on April 13th! Purchases made through Hero Club contribute to the funds required to fulfill its mission: granting the wishes of those in need. In conjunction with the Wish Upon a Hero Foundation, local Hero Clubs aim to benefit their communities through a wish-based system, and these wishes encompass a wide variety of people, from children with illnesses to the elderly.

I sat down for a quick chat with Hero Club’s President, Taylor Kane.

1.What grade are you in?
I am currently in 10th grade.

2.Where did you get the idea for Hero Club?
I saw online that a certain student at Rutgers lost her parents to the Hurricane Sandy tragedy. The Wish Upon a Hero Foundation was able to raise $56,000 for her in three days to stay in college, and to raise her two little brothers. I was interested so I checked out the Foundation’s website and saw that this program existed for high schools also! So I started one here at Lenape!

3.When did Hero Club start?
Although the idea of Hero Club was formulated and proposed last year, it officially started this school year!

4.What impact do you think this club has had so far on both Lenape High School and the community?
I think Hero Club has a positive impact on Lenape as well as the community because the wishes we grant are personal. The club members get to hear about the person and see pictures of that person we are granting the wish for. I think that’s great because it shows [the members] that what they are doing is benefitting someone in or around our community.

5.How do you manage the club as a president?
Managing Hero Club is a lot of work but I get a lot of help from Mr. Hendricks, the officers, and the people who work at the Wish Upon a Hero Foundation. All the time I put into the club is time well spent and it’s definitely worth it.

6.What is in store for the future of Hero Club?
In the future I hope for this club to grow in size and membership so that we can grant more wishes for people in need. I also hope Hero Club continues after I graduate, because I think it is a great, philanthropic club.

So far, Taylor and the club’s effort have ringed true. Hero Club held a successful bowling fundraiser to raise money to support Lenape’s own student Ebo. I wish Taylor and the members of Hero Club their continued diligence in the community and the best of luck in the future!