High Hopes for Girls’ Volleyball


As summer was coming to an end, we caught up with the girls’ volleyball team during practice to ask them some questions about the upcoming season.

We talked to two senior girls playing since freshman year, Sierra Reece and Colby Brooks. They’re really excited as it’s their senior, and last, season. As Sierra said, “It’s a really big deal.”

This season’s also looking hopeful due to the talented new freshman on the team. Even the coach, Mr. Tavares has high hopes for the girls this year. “We have got a lot of young talent…We’re hoping that will pay off this year with the returning players as well as some very talented freshman and sophomores we have.”

There’s a lot riding on this season

— Sierra and Colby

It’s no secret that last season wasn’t the best for the team due to some major injuries that affected their performance. “There’s a lot riding on this season,” Sierra and Colby agreed.
When asked what they like about the sport, Sierra quickly replied, “It’s a really good team sport because you’re not playing with as many people as you would soccer or football so you really get to know the people you’re with.”

There’s always room for improvement, especially in team sports. Coach Tavares said, “I think the main thing that is important is just, especially early in the season, is team chemistry. Them bonding, knowing where they are on the court. Court awareness.”

Everyone’s hoping this season will be better than last. And with a great team and a determined coach, that goal is certainly in their grasp.