Sail into the Sixth Generation of Apple


Different features of iOS 8.

September 19th marks the date of Apple’s latest product release, and this time it’s said to be bigger than ever. The products up for grab are the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch, and the new operating device iOS8. Apple received more than four million pre-orders on the two new models of phones in just the first 12 hours of sales! Students and teachers alike here at Lenape are also bustling over the long awaited release. Sophomore Srishti Dhar says she is “ excited for the ability to lock her apps” with one of the many new features of iOS8. Along with that feature comes the ability to add your voice to any message you send, iCloud Drive which allows you to access any file anywhere, family sharing over purchases made in apps like iTunes and the App store that extends to 6 members, a keyboard that recognizes whether you are sending an email or text depending on you tone along with suggesting what to say next, and finally, the long awaited power to name group chats, drop the people you don’t want, leave the chat yourself, or turn it on do not disturb!

However, not everyone is “bustling” about these new releases for the reason you may think. English teacher Mrs. Busarello questioned, “Why are the phones getting bigger? They were getting smaller and then suddenly they are on a different trend?” Sophomore Emily Catanzaro also commented saying “I don’t really like how they look. The bigger shape is not that appealing to me.” Although the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus stand at 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches respectively, they are dramatically thinner and have relatively larger screens! Apple further claims dramatic improvements over the previous iteration to both the display and hardware. Finally there is the Apple Watch, which is the first Apple product released that can be worn. With a goal of creating its most personal product yet, Apple has included an intricate timepiece and a generous variety of design options for the consumer. For more information on these productions, check out