Lorien Legacies: More Complex Than Just Counting To Nine



I Am Number Four

Aliens have created some of the best features of Earth and we don’t even know it.  They’ve been visiting here for years, helping us.  It is now our chance to return the favor.

At least, it is in this action packed set of novels.

The New York Times bestselling series, Lorien Legacies, written by Pittacus Lore, features the fact that the planet Lorien has been destroyed in an all out war with the planet Mogadore.  Through this, all the remaining Lorics have been killed off except eighteen of them.

Nine Garde and nine Cêpan: nine kids who will form powers known as legacies and their trainers.  

Before the war had been completely lost, the remaining ruling elders managed to send off these few survivors to the closest life sustaining plant:  Earth.  As an added precaution, a charm is placed on the Garde assigning them each a number.  The numbers represent how long they can be “immortal”.  Number One will always be vulnerable to the Mogadorians where as Number Seven can only be killed after numbers one through six have been killed first.

That is, unless they come together.  Then, all bets are off.

According to Becky Michnowski, a freshman, “[The charm/ lack of charm] builds up suspense and makes me want to keep reading to find out what happens”.

So we’ve said it.  The Mogadorians are on Earth, killing Lorics or anyone who stands in their way, even sometimes an entire town.  But there’s one more thing.  The Mogadorians have managed to enlist the help of the government, not only to wipe out the Loric race, but to seize ultimate power of Earth itself.

The Lorics are teens now but they never needed our help more.  The Mogadorians “caught Number One in Malaysia.  Number Two in England.  And Number Three in Kenya.  They killed them all.”  The first installment (I Am Number Four) follows Number Four as he tries not to become the next victim and save his new “home”.  He is the next number.  He is next.

In this world, and in Lorien, I’m sure, guys and girls freely read the same books.  Despite this, many books cater to one gender or the other. On the other hand,  I Am Number Four, and the rest of the series (The Power of Six, The Rise of Nine, The Fall of Five, The Revenge of Seven, and the so far unnamed finale), really have something that both genders everywhere would honestly enjoy.

Since the series takes place in a time of intergalactic war, there are action scenes for guys as well as the fact that “part of each book – if not all – is told from a guys point of view” which was pointed out by Karolyn Ficken, a freshman.  Ficken also said that “there’s a little romance, which girls usually like”.

It’s a fast paced, well written book that is unique to its genre.  I loved this series so much that I read all of the books in about two weeks.  I suggest you all use your enhanced Loric speed to race to Barnes and Noble, the library, or Amazon, and pick up I Am Number Four.