The New and Improved Lenape Morning Show

Lenapes Morning Show gets a new name to match its new format.

Lenape’s Morning Show gets a new name to match its new format.

If you have not already noticed, the Lenape Television program recently changed the name of its renowned morning show to Lenape Live. Also, the crew is using all new technology, segments, and a renovated studio to enhance the production. The morning show has always been the highlight of the LTV club by keeping students up-to-date with current news about the school. Every Wednesday and Friday morning during homeroom, the show is done live in the ND-27 studio and is broadcasted all across the school. All of the segments are created by the students for the students, which is one of the main reasons why the show is such a success. Overall, the brand new show has received a lot of positive feedback from teachers and students.

As a member of the club myself, I know a lot of hard-work and brainstorming goes into to production of the show. The program is great opportunity to get involved with the school, meet new people, and learn about what it’s like to be behind the scenes of a newscast. Junior Michael Moroski, who is an active member of LTV, says “the club has really benefited me, because I came into Lenape with no knowledge of how to use a camera and now I have enough experience to do any job on a TV set.” Even if you do not think Lenape TV is the club for you, try it out and come to one of the meetings. You just may end up loving it.

According to Michael, “I think I am going to stick with TV broadcasting for the rest of high school and even consider it when researching colleges”. If you are interested in joining, there are a number of different ways to get involved with the LTV club. All of the meetings are held after school in Mr. Ebbeson’s room, ND-25. In fact, the club is currently searching for on-air talent. However, if you do not prefer to be on camera, there are plenty of other jobs to take on. You can work behind the scenes as a camera operator, editor, graphics designer, or script writer. We hope to see you there!