She Never Goes Out of Style

We all have our favorite singers.  We all have our favorite celebrities.  We all want to rely on them to be the person we love.  We  want them to stay just as they are forever.  We do this because we think we know what we love.

Sometimes, though, change comes and doesn’t disappoint – it excites.

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Taylor Swift has mastered this art of surprise, suspense, and interesting changes.  She started out  singing country style, singing about loves that  would lead to happily-ever-afters, loves that never were, and loves that never would be again.  She then slowly transitioned to a country/pop sound, singing about similar topics.  This newest album of hers, accompanied with her new look, scream full-on pop.   Now, instead of singing about what was lost in the past and fairly tale endings,  Swift sings about her new life and what has now come to her.

Becky Michnowshi (’18) stated that “even though it’s different than what her fans are used to, her music is still great”.

Swift has described her new album as being about “coming into your own, and as a result… coming alive” as opposed to her old style of  writing partially “about coming of age [and partially] about coming undone.”

She has now matured and has said that she’s learned through experience that “we are never out of the woods”.   She says she has learned how to truly “shake things off”.

Rana Hussein (’18) brings up the point that “Taylor Swift’s music has much more to it than her own life experiences.  Whether it’s dealing with haters, getting through hard times, or just living in the moment, Taylor’s music is always there to help”.

Whether you’re eight or forty, Taylor can offer you some much needed advice

— Rana Hussein ('18)

Because Taylor Swift is Taylor Swift, her songs still contain valuable lessons for everyday life, buried in a catchy tune.  She teaches her listeners that to be completely clean, you cannot let the past haunt you (“Clean”, 1989),  just as she had previously taught listeners that to be lucky, you do not need money (“The Lucky One”, Red), or not to be afraid to take risks (“Jump Then Fall”, Fearless – Platinum Edition).

Hussein went on to say that”[her music] appeals to so many people and whether you’re eight or forty, Taylor can offer you some much needed advice.

If ever in need of some advice, just remember that the perfect answer could very well lie in a Taylor Swift song.  Just take a deep breath and hit shuffle.