Promposals: Preposterous or Perfect?

   It’s that time of year again: promposal time. You can’t check your Twitter feed without finding another picture of a person’s sweet courage twisted up creatively to ask the question that defines senior year, “Will you go to prom with me?”

Source: Juliet Haresign
Eric Dronski (’15) promposing to Juliet Haresign (’15) at the 2014 Reindeer Games

   A tradition starting at the turn of the new millennium, a promposal is just asking someone to prom, typically in an extravagant way. It could be over the loudspeaker, with a big banner, in the form of a song, spelled out in rose petals, or (as it has been lately) how many retweets a person can get on Twitter. Over the past fifteen years promposals developed their own history and some especially unique ones have gone viral on the Internet. All this craze about asking a question, ironically, brings to question: Why? What’s the point?

   There are definitely people that believe promposals should not be handled in such ridiculous ways. Ask anyone growing up before the new millennium and they’re a bit perplexed. They think over-the-top approaches should be saved for bigger life moments like marriage proposals and don’t see why high school students have adopted this tradition. But there are others that agree it is a chance to express outstanding romance and have a little fun.

   Most teenagers, understandably, look forward to promposals. Sydney Demo (’15) said, “They’re exciting!” when asked on her opinion of the grand propositions.

Seniors don’t think twice about overdoing it with promposals, either. “Go big or go home!” Zac Kincaid (’15) said. And with good reason.“It’s a great way to end senior year with a bang.”

Go big or go home

— Zac Kincaid

  Like most traditions, the definite point of promposals is hazy but the reasons behind them are solid. Promposals add to the fun of the high school experience, especially with their grandiose nature.  They allow senior students a final memory to create and maybe even laugh at down the road.