Drive Back in Time


Last Friday night, Lenape students were transported back to a simpler time at the Drive-In Movie event hosted by Student Council. Students grabbed some blankets and friends, drove their cars into senior lot and felt like teenagers of the 1950’s-1960’s, experiencing something that was a trademark of that time, the famous drive-in movie.

A huge, inflated screen towered over the lawn where students without cars had the opportunity to lay upon blankets and still enjoy the drive-in movie. Though the night was chilly, everyone was still excited to finally find out which movie was the winner.Students had voted all week out of the three choices: Grease, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and the Sandlot.
With popcorn and candy in hand, people sat back, anxious for the reveal and to watch it be played on the big screen. And the winner was…. the classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off! It was a perfect selection as it engulfed the typical high school movie vibe that night. Students were full of laughter and rejoice as the classic comedy played on. When Matthew Broderick sang during the parade, everyone’s teen hearts sang along and when he spoke about slowing down to enjoy life, everyone’s teen hearts were smiling in approval.
“It was honestly a really good time” Steph Mekal (’16) commented on the event.  

Everyone’s teen hearts were smiling in approval.

— Maya Georgi