Saving Lives at the Blood Drive


Photo Credit: Lenape twitter page @lenapepride

Students Gigi Ingifete (’16) and Sabrina Labrador (’16) smiling during the process with the knowledge that they’re helping save lives.

Last week, Lenape hosted it’s annual blood drive. Every year, Lenape’s Student Council partners with the American Red Cross to organize the event and round up students to participate. Since the event is on a volunteer basis, it’s success is measured on how many people make the choice to come out and donate. Many people cringe at the thought of needles and blood, but fail to see the benefit that donating does to the community and personal fulfillment. Once people are informed that donating blood can save three lives they are compelled to help. Alex Pappas (’16) said “I hate blood and get really uncomfortable, but eight minutes of being uncomfortable is nothing compared to being in a position where you need blood but cannot get it.”  Students and faculty members alike come out and give blood for the good cause, all the while knowing they’re making a significant difference in someone’s life.

Student Council members helping give out snacks to those who donated.
Photo Credit: Lenape twitter @lenapepride
Student Council members Jenna Goldstein (’17), Emily Caniglia (’16), Megan Donahue (’16), and Gianna Risica (’16) helping out by giving snacks to those who donated.

Be sure to come out and donate for the next blood drive, set to happen in the spring, and be the difference that could potentially save someone’s life.