Lenape Girls Basketball, SJ Group IV Champions

Tonight, Lenape Girls Basketball proved their greatness, not only within the district but within the state as they beat Cherokee 37-29 for the South Jersey Group IV Championship. Lenape Girls Basketball had not made it this far since 1983, making their accomplishments even more notable! The game seemed to be a close one at first and everyone’s nervous energy seem to be reverberating throughout the gym. However, as Amanda McGrogan (’16) took and made her final foul shots, everyone was convinced that the game was in the bag for Lenape as it gave them the lead they needed.


Final score and Lenape with the win.


Once the buzzer rang, the energy in the gym was magnetically jubilant as everyone stormed the team out on the court to congratulate the champs.


The Lenape Girls Basketball team rejoices in their win after being stormed by students fans.

Make sure to come out and support the girls on Thursday at Timber Creek for their State Semi-Final game!