A Farewell to Ms. Didonato

Wishing Ms. Didonato a wonderful retirement


Ms. Didonato pictured with two Lenape students

Retirement is a bittersweet time for everybody, especially our beloved teachers here at Lenape High School. Although they are excited for what their relaxing future holds, it is hard for them to let go of all the memories and friends they have made here. One of the teachers retiring this year is Ms. Gloria Didonato, who assists and teaches our students who have special needs. I sat down with her to talk about both the chapter of her life she is finishing and the one she is just beginning.

Although Ms. Didonato began her career here at Lenape in 1991, it was not her first time walking the halls of the school. She also attended Lenape as a student years ago, leaving her with memories from both perspectives. When I asked Ms. Didonato what her favorite memory from Lenape was, she could not bring one to mind, as she enjoyed every moment she spent here. However, she says her best memories came from spending time with her students. Besides her students, she will also deeply miss working alongside the rest of Lenape’s staff each day. As a retiree, Ms. Didonato envisions herself sitting and relaxing on Clearwater beach. As nice as that sounds, that’s not all she’s planning to do. She has been running her entire life and loves it, and plans to continue living a healthy, active lifestyle into her retirement years.

We wish the best of luck to Ms. Didonato and hope she does not stay away from Lenape for too long before coming back for a visit.