First Year Flies By For Freshmen


Freshmen at the Freshmen Dance

As the 2015-2016 school year draws to a close, it is the perfect time to reflect on the great memories and positive changes Lenape High School underwent this year. Here’s what Lenape’s freshmen class thought about their inaugural year.

Annabelle Estep (’19) said, “It was a good year. I would suggest that incoming freshmen definitely get involved in stuff. The Lenape teachers and administration give you a warm welcome, and Lunch & Learn gives you a great opportunity to meet new people.”

Veena Bandaru (’19) agreed, saying, “Lenape has more freedom and more responsibility. I like that we had some more opportunities to meet new people. I didn’t like the huge change from Harrington at first, but you get used to it.”

Aidan O’Brien (’19) critiqued the new schedule, stating, “I liked this year for being the youngest ones. I wish we had shorter periods with more classes; I think I would have enjoyed it more by getting involved.

Kelly Owens (’19) said, “I liked being involved in a sport and Lunch & Learn. I didn’t like how we didn’t have a lot of activities going on through the year and not having air conditioning.”

Nate Silver (’19) also supported being a part of a team. “This year went by fast and doing track was fun. I dislike how we don’t have air conditioning.”

Emma James (’19) said, “I liked the structure of the day, and being able to spend time with people in school. I hated the stress that came with the extra work, though.”

Ethan Hartley (’19) liked the new lunch period, as did many others. “The Lunch & Learn was chill and some of the teachers I liked. Others I didn’t. And I won’t forget Capture the Flag, because that was really fun.”


We’re so glad the freshmen enjoyed their first year at Lenape!