How to Actually Beat Your New Year’s Resolution


January 1st seems like the golden date. It’s the perfect opportunity to start a fresh list of resolutions and ‘start over.’ The calendar has reset and we all have the same 12 months, 52 weeks, and 365 days to become a better version, so why not embrace the new year with a new mindset?


If you haven’t already started compiling your New Year’s’ resolutions, consider one of these:

1) Living a healthier lifestyle and being more active.

2) Making more money.

3) Getting an ‘A’ in that one class you have been struggling in.

4) Becoming a kinder person.


You might be thinking, these are the most generic resolutions that no one can accomplish. Are New Year’s resolutions even possible?

It actually is possible. Setting mini-goals are the ultimate way to beat your New Year’s’ Resolution. Take out a pen and paper or type them on your phone–all you need are 12 monthly mini-goals and 1 main goal. Make your first goal difficult, but achievable. This way, by February, you already have one accomplishment to motivate yourself with. If you want to make 52 weekly mini-goals or 365 daily mini-goals, go for it. Every little achievement is going to motivate you to beat your main goal.

And don’t forget to reward yourself with you a little something each time you get something done–whether it’s treating yourself to a new pair of jeans or going out to dinner with your friends or family.


And remember, while it’s great to be ambitious and have your sights set on something high, it’s important not to get overly consumed with becoming a better ‘you’. The New Year is also about appreciating everything you achieved, everyone you met, and everything you learned from 2016 that you can bring with you into 2017.


I’ve asked a couple of Lenape students what they’re resolutions are, so if you’re having trouble coming up with yours, take some inspiration from these awesome ideas:


“My New Year’s Resolution is to…

…drink more water and workout more.” -Rachel Reedy (‘17)

…stop spending money unnecessarily.” -Andrea Morales (‘17)

…start a fitness Instagram account.” -Danielle Schwartz (‘17)

…to be happy for myself + not as much for other people. Or to eat better.” -Ariana DiFillippo (‘17)

…focus on things that are healthy for both my mind and body.” -Vicky Moraga (‘17)

…better myself and have a better attitude.” -Marc Ginsberg (‘17)

…be happy and not care about people’s judgements and opinions.” -Andrew Hrabowyj (‘17)

…be a better friend to people I care about.” -John Conlow (‘17)