“Hug Me Brotha”

Hug Me Brotha

It’s been 13 years since the popular series, Drake and Josh aired on Nickelodeon. The show followed step brothers Drake Parker and Josh Nicols as they navigated through life, mostly the crazy antics Drake dragged Josh into. An example of one of those instances is when Drake tried to do something nice for Josh, like getting him tickets to Oprah for his birthday. Of course, Josh ended up accidentally running over Oprah. There was also that time they put Megan on the wrong plane. Instead of Denver they found themselves in Hollywood (if I were Mega,n I actually don’t think I would complain about that).
If you were to ask anyone around you about this show (or at least someone on the internet) he’d probably tell you that the show shaped this generation. It’s probably the prime reason we’re all so sarcastic today. Not to mention, I use the sentence “woah just take it easy man” more than I probably should.
Even though the show is over and the cast has moved on to different things (Miranda Cosgrove went to college!), it’ll always be loved by millions. Just ask the students in Lenape.

“It was funny back then and it’s still funny today” Sam Blyn (’18)

“Drake and Josh was a truly iconic show that defined a generation” Anna R (’18)