Farewell Mr. Spitz!


(Left to Right) Alexis Cao, Mr. Spitz, Srishti Dhar, Megan Quimby, Patricia Thomas, and Megha Bharadwaj

Halfway through the year, Mr. Spitz’ AP Calculus students were incredibly disappointed to hear that he had decided to retire. For years, Mr. Spitz has been everyone’s favorite math teacher. His singing, funny sayings, and overall positivty and generosity will be missed greatly! E hall may never be the same without him.

I spoke to some of his AP Calculus II students, many of whom have had the priviledge to be his students for two consecutive years. Senior Isabel Chacko enjoys spending her lunches in Mr. Spitz’ room. Isabel was quoted as saying, “Mr. Spitz is the most genuinely caring, kind, and hilarious person I’ve ever met. I wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors”.

Alexis Cao shared similar sentiments. She will miss “his lovely opera voice” and will always remember him for his “groovy hokey pokey”.

I also had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Spitz and talk to him about his future plans.

What are your plans post retirement?

Mr. Spitz: I plan on going on walks with my wife.  She is a photographer so we will also plan some day trips so she can get some good pictures.  I also plan on taking some on-line math courses.  I am going to take it easy and keep it cool and groovy.  Also I want to stay in touch with some of my friends from Lenape.

What will you miss the most about Lenape?

Mr. Spitz: I’ll miss the students the most, getting to know them individually and helping them succeed.  I’ll miss teaching them the subject matter and interacting with them in class, so that they can understand the material and hopefully enjoy it also.  I’ll miss clowning around in class (the sayings, dancing, singing and other spontaneous outburst). I’ll also miss all the great colleagues I have gotten to know down through the years. And finally, I’ll miss teaching “The Calculus”.

What is your favorite memory from Lenape?

Mr. Spitz: How nice Mary Jane is  and all the great people I have known.

There is no doubt Mr. Spitz is an incredible math teacher and has impacted the lives of many of his students. I have had the honor of being in his class for two consecutive years, and I can honestly say I have never loved math more than when I am in his class. Thank you Mr. Spitz for being such an amazing teacher, mentor, and human.