Senior Pinning

Senior year can be extremely stressful, on the students as well as their parents. Not only are the students taking strenuous classes, they are also working on college applications, going to work, driving themselves back and forth from their activities, all while trying to sleep for a full 8 hours. All the while, parents are trying to make sense of this crazy time.

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But Lenape acknowledges the struggles that seniors and their families are going through, so the Senior Pinning Ceremony was adopted. It’s a ceremony supporting the communication between parents and their children, and about the passing off of responsibilities.

Parents recite an oath, promising to remain role models for their children in this time of change, and to uphold the family to the best of their ability. Students then, in turn, recite their own oath, promising to utilize what has been taught to them and to stay responsible.

Alyssa Slovin (’18) and her mother after pinning one another

Parents place red, Lenape “L” pins to their students — pins that they can then wear during graduation — and the students pin white Lenape pins to their parents.

Although some were skeptical when they arrived, the ceremony was brief yet moving. By the end, some parents even had tears of nostalgia in their eyes.

Maggie Brennan (’18) and Julia Zak (’18) after the pinning ceremony

Then, as a congratulations for the achievements that parents and students have reached , there were refreshments. Cookies and cake were served, and everyone got to celebrate and socialize, before ultimately returning home to their busy lives with a new outlook.