Snow White and the Seven Dwarves


Every fall, the Lenape Theater Department puts on a spectacular play, surrounding the community with joy, and this year was no different. Performances of this year’s production, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”, ran on Thursday, November 16th, and then twice on Saturday, November 18th. Like previous productions, “Snow White” was a fantastic show.

The fall play this year saw a larger diversification of grades, with more underclassmen earning roles as dwarves, as well as the Huntsman, the Magic Mirror, and the Narrator. The freshmen and sophomores on stage did an excellent job portraying their characters.

However, this does not discredit the excellent work of the upperclassmen. Senior, Emily DeSantos, and junior, Aniela Mazzola, were both outstanding in their respective roles of Snow White and the Evil Queen. The two actresses commanded the stage and gave powerful performances. Other upperclassmen — such as senior, Kamila Cervantes, who played the Witch, and junior, Enrique Gonzalez, who played the Prince — gave stellar performances in their roles as well.

This fall play also marked a change in directors, as previous play director, Mr. Bausch, stepped down from the position. Ms. Allen and Ms. Ciavaglia stepped into his role and worked together with the cast and crew to create a marvelous play. Student Director, Bonnie Brager (’19), as well as Student Stage Manager, Kyle Patel (’18), were also vital parts of the production.

It was a wonderful showcase of Lenape’s talent, and a great production for the cast, crew, co-directors, and everyone else involved behind the scenes. Congratulations to everyone involved, and be sure to look out for the spring musical, “Aida”.