Winter Small Ensemble Concert


On Wednesday, January 25th, the Lenape Music Department held its annual winter Small Ensemble Concert. The Small Ensemble Concert is a series of small performances organized and performed by the students in Lenape’s Wind Ensemble. The concert gives students an opportunity to play any song of their choosing, from a classical piece, to a Disney song, to a remix of a song from a video game. Students can select a song, or arrange their own, according to each group’s unique mix of instruments. After the groups from the Wind Ensemble all performed, the Lenape Jazz Band came onstage and performed four numbers, two of which featured beautiful vocals from Jaelyn Alexander (’18).

As always, the night featured a wide variety of pieces, all of which were played exceptionally well. The effort that the students had put into their groups and numbers was visible and audible in their playing and performance. The effort was also very evident in the Jazz Band’s portion of the show, with the ensemble sounding better than ever.

Congratulations on a job well done to everyone who performed in the concert. For those of you who did not attend the winter Small Ensemble concert, make sure to keep an eye out for a possible spring Small Ensemble concert. Also, support the Lenape Music Department at the Jazz Festival on February 9th and the spring Choral and Instrumental music concerts in May.