Lenape Jazz Festival 2018


Lenape Jazz Ensemble

On February 9th, 2018, Lenape High School held its annual Jazz Festival. Every year, Lenape invites the jazz ensembles from actoss the district and surrounding areas to perform for a crowd in the Lenape Auditorium. There were five participating groups this year, each with a wonderfully played selection of songs. The night was filled with outstanding solos, well-blended harmonies, and fantastic overall group sounds. Each ensemble did a stellar job with their songs and selections.

The Lenape Jazz Ensemble played four pieces during their performance. “All About the Blues” featured Cole Melton (’19, trumpet) and Dan Panus (’18, bass). “The Way You Look Tonight” brought out vocalist Jaelyn Alexander (’18) to sing along with the Jazz Ensemble, and Ron Torculas (’19, tenor saxophone), “Angel Eyes” featured soloists Jim Frangione (’18, trombone) and Ryan Prohchuck (’19, alto saxophone). The final selection “On the Sunny Side of the Street” also featured Jaelyn’s singing.

Unfortunately, the Lenape Jazz Ensemble was not able to win any of the awards from the night. Outstanding soloists awards went to Joe Bednarek (Cherokee), Fletcher Sapp (Shawnee), Michael Rooney (Bridgewater-Raritan), Joe Weiss (Shawnee). Best Trumpet Section was won by Cherokee. Bridgewater-Raritan won best trombone section, and the Shawnee Jazz Ensemble won for both best saxophone and percussion section.

Congratulations to all of the winners and musicians for doing an outstanding job at this year’s Jazz Festival.