Homecoming Hallway Decorations

Although October 20th may seem far away, preparations for Homecoming have already started. Each class is decorating a hallway in the school with decorations from a Pixar movie. The class with the best hallway will be announced at Pride Day, and this will contribute to which class will win the Spirit Stick.

Past themes for hallway decorations have been board games and video games. This year the theme is Pixar movies and each class gets to choose a movie, with seniors getting first choice and freshman choosing last.

The Class of 2020’s Pac-Man themed hallway last year

The Seniors, who will decorate E hall, have chosen the movie Up to decorate their hallway with, the Juniors have A hall and chose Finding Nemo, the sophomores have Monsters Inc. in ND hall, and the freshmen, who have NB hall, will vote for their theme when they vote for their class officers.

Some grades have already started brainstorming and creating decorations for this competition. Many welcome anybody in their class to come and help the student government out with this task. Ask your class advisers if you are interested in helping your class with creating the best hallway.

On Friday October 19th, all grades will be putting up the decorations they have made in preparation. This can take hours, and many times the people working on it can stay past midnight making the hallways look incredible. The decorations will stay up until Pride Day and the homecoming football game the following weekend, so everybody in school will be able to admire the decorations all week long.