Welcome Mrs. Maugeri!

This new school year brought many new faces to Lenape. The new freshman class entered, but there are new teachers in the Lenape staff that have come to to inspire students. Mrs. Maugeri is a new math teacher at Lenape. She teaches Geometry, Introduction to Algebra 2, and Support Lab for Algebra 1. I got the chance to interview her and ask her some interesting questions.

I asked her what made her want to pursue teaching because it takes a lot of patience and motivation to become a teacher. She said that during college she would always tutor her friends. She chose math as a career option because she was good at explaining and working with numbers. If Mrs. Maugeri had the opportunity to teach another subject at Lenape, she would teach History because she loves to talk. Also, she feels that it would inspire people. Her favorite mathematical formula is the quadratic formula, not because of the math problems you can solve with it, but because you can sing songs about it! If Mrs. Maugeri was given the chance to teach anywhere in the world, she would teach in the Mediterranean, specifically Greece. She would want to teach in Greece because most of math history comes from Greece. She would also be able to take fun and educational field trips. Lastly, I asked her how she likes Lenape so far. She said she loves Lenape and that the students and the staff are all very encouraging and supportive.



It was a real pleasure getting the chance to interview Mrs. Maugeri. She was a very nice and inviting person. Hopefully with years to come she continues to teach the subjects she is passionate about. Mrs. Maugeri, welcome to the Lenape family!