Safe Trick or Treating


This Sunday Lenape High School hosted Safe Trick or Treat. This is an event that Lenape hosts every year on the weekend before Halloween, which provides a safe alternative to regular trick or treating for children under 12. It also could allow some children to extend their Halloween fun by allowing them two days of trick or treating. In addition to trick-or-treating, this event provided fun games and activities for the kids. Safe Trick or Treating was a huge success, as it always is, as there were many attendees, including many children of Lenape teachers.

Many clubs and sports teams had doors on Sunday. They each decorated their door with a different theme and had its members dress up as something relating to their theme. The swim team all dressed up as Lifeguards, the cross country team dressed as Mr. Potato Heads, and the SADD club dressed up as nerds.                            

Each door had candy that they gave out to the children that went around trick or treating. This candy was all nut free, making this day of trick or treating safe even for the kids with allergies.

There were many interesting and adorable costumes showcased at Safe Trick or Treat. One kid dressed up as an $100 bill and handed out fake money to everybody that gave him candy. There were also many other creative costumes, such as a school bus, a Deviled egg, and a group of kids that went as the Muppets.

Safe Trick or Treat is an annual event open to all children under 12 looking for a safe way to celebrate Halloween. Hope you join us next year in this fun event!