The Most Common New Year’s Resolutions of 2019

As the month of January slowly comes to an end, most people are looking back on their resolutions they set on the 31st of December. Looking back now, the most common new year’s resolutions always involve self-care or making oneself a better person. These are the top 10 most common New Year’s resolutions set in January 2019.

According to, a survey was done online to track how many people set New Year’s resolution and what they were. The survey reached out to 2,000 people. The most common new year’s resolution was dieting or eating healthier. This is a widespread resolution that has continued to increase every year. This year 71% of the 2,000 people stated that this was their main new year’s resolution. To go hand in hand with the first resolution, 65% wanted to exercise more and go to the gym regularly. The third resolution is a broader spectrum of the first that says that 54% want to lose weight.

Moving away from weight loss, 32% of the 2,000 people want to spend less and save more. Many people want to expand their knowledge and take care of their health as well. 26% said they want to learn a new skill or hobby. 21% said that they wanted to quit smoking. Many said that they wanted to read more (17%), find another job (16%), drink less alcohol (15%), and spend more times with friends and family (13%).

These New Year’s resolutions all deal with creating a healthier and happier lifestyle. It gives everyone the second chance to grow, learn, and improve yourself as a human being.