“Choose to Love” with Kevin Wanzer

Choose to Love with Kevin Wanzer

On January 23, a select group of about 100 students from each of the schools in the Lenape Regional High School District went to Cherokee High School to listen to motivational comedian, Kevin Wanzer, speak. From going to the supermarket and buying a single grape to talking through the drive-through using a kazoo, Kevin Wanzer is able to find the humor in life, and he devotes his career to sharing this valuable lesson with people all over the world. In his presentation, Wanzer shared his wisdom on what it means to be a leader, and finding the positive things in life through humorous anecdotes and inspiring messages.

The speech concluded with a game of positivity. No matter what someone asked, the goal was to respond in a way that was positive—meaning there was no use of the words “no” or “don’t”. Everyone was given a Hawaiian lei to wear, and the floor was open to provoke a negative response out of others. Anyone who gave a negative response would have to give up their lei to the person who asked the question. While seemingly simple, the game challenged everyone to maintain a positive attitude.

In the end, everyone walked away with laughter and an important lesson to take away with them.