Giving Thanks for Lenape


With the many complaints we have about Lenape, we sometimes forget about the many great things Lenape has to offer us. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are 10 things to be thankful for at Lenape High School.


1. Teachers

Lenape is full of many great teachers who are there to support us. Whenever I need extra help in a subject, I know I can always count on any of my teachers to set aside time to work with me. Teachers really do care about us, so don’t forget to thank them before leaving for Thanksgiving break.


2. Freedom

While we aren’t free to do whatever we want, sometimes we take for granted some of the freedoms that we do have. For example, we don’t have to wear uniforms to school and we’re free to start whatever clubs we want.


3. Activities

Lenape provides a chock-full of clubs and sports to participate in. From Dungeons and Dragons to DECA and bowling to football, Lenape has loads of activities to keep us busy and having fun. 


4. The people in the main office

There are a ton of people in the main office that we often don’t think about during our school day, but we have a lot to thank them for. Administrators are constantly making sure things are running smoothly throughout the building, and we can’t forget about our guidance counselors who are helping us with classes and college applications.


5. Lunch staff, custodians, and police officers

Besides our teachers and administrators, there are so many other people at Lenape who work hard for our school. Be sure to thank our lunch staff that work hard to feed us everyday, our custodians who keep our school clean and functioning, and the police officers who are prepared to protect us at all times.


6. Lunch and Learn

I, for one, am very thankful for Lunch and Learn. At what other time of day can I sit down with all of my friends and have lunch, talk to a teacher, get advice from my guidance counselor, work on homework in the media center, go to a club meeting, or just wander around the school? Lunch and Learn is the perfect time in the day to relax or get stuff done, whatever you need it to be.


7. Community

Lenape has such an amazing community. Wherever we turn, there is always someone there who is willing to support us whether it’s a friend, teacher, counselor, coach, advisor, etc. I know I’m going to miss this community once I graduate.


8. Media Center

I know I tend to take the Media Center for granted. The media center allows us to get work done, check out books, and print work out for a class. The media center specialists are also always more than happy to help us with research or citing our sources. 


9. Diversity

Lenape is home to such a diverse group of people. We learn more than we know everyday just from interacting with each other and listening to each other’s perspectives.


10. School Pride

Every school tends to think their school has the most pride, but Lenape definitely takes it to another level. Very few schools host something like Camp Lenape for their incoming freshman, devote an entire school day to something like Pride Day, or cover their hallways with elaborate decorations during homecoming. 


There are definitely many reasons to be grateful at Lenape. What are you thankful for? Leave a comment in the space below. I hope you all have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!