Trivia Frenzy


Lenape students will be a shoo-in to win a game of “Jeopardy!” with practice from Student Council’s Trivia Tuesday and the Class of 2024’s Trivia Month. Both help students stay connected with peers and teachers through fun activities.

Student Council hosts games of trivia every Tuesday at 12:30 on Google Meet and the games are played on Kahoot. The Kahoot games are made by the Student Council’s Trivia Tuesday committee, which consists of Student Council volunteers. Each game has a different theme, and so far they have done Disney, Harry Potter, Thanksgiving, and random facts to honor Alex Trebek. Student Council invites everyone to play and win prizes using the Google Classroom code: bssr64j. 

The Class of 2024 held a class contest for the month of November: Trivia Month! At random times during the month, emails were sent out to members of the Class for 2024. Each email had a link to a Google Form that had questions, and with each question answered correctly, the student received points. Some of the questions were random, like “Which American State is the largest by area?” and others were Lenape questions, like “What staff member has worked at Lenape the longest?” The student with the most points at the end of the month won a Class of 2024 t-shirt. 

Trivia Tuesday and Trivia Month both promote the idea of staying connected. The Lenape related questions asked on Google Forms were made so you couldn’t search up the answers, and so students would have to ask a teacher and start a conversation. Trivia Tuesdays are virtual and live, and since your cameras have to be turned on, it promotes face to face experiences.

The Class of 2024’s Trivia Month is over, but Student Council still hosts their games every Tuesday, and they invite you to join them!