Lenape Spirit Week Themes

Spirit Week is right around the corner. It starts on March 29th, the week before Spring Break! This is a great opportunity to have fun and to show some Lenape pride. In order to prepare your outfits for Spirit Week, it’s important to know the themes.

Monday, March 29th, is Decade Day. You can choose any decade. Some ideas are outfits from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, or ’90s. The ’50s was a time when people often wore blouses, billowy skirts, sport coats, and letterman jackets. In the ’60s, tie-dye became popular and people also liked clothing with fringe. Bell-bottoms were common in the ’70s and so were platform shoes. In the ’80s, leg warmers, mullets, neon colors, and perms were all big trends. Animal print clothing, flannel shirts, knee-length boots, and baseball caps were trends in the ’90s. Any of these decades or others are sure to inspire a fabulous outfit for Decade Day.

Tuesday, March 30th, is Disney Day. I recommend planning a group outfit or a partner outfit with friends. You could dress up as a certain character or wear a t-shirt with a Disney character on it.

Wednesday, March 31st, is “Hawaiian Day.” Dress up and pretend you are a tourist visiting the beach. However, it’s important to note that Hawaiian culture is not necessarily a “theme.” It is a culture that should be respected.

Thursday, April 1st, is Grade Color Day. The Seniors will wear black, the Juniors will wear red, the Sophomores will wear white, and the Freshmen will wear gray.

Spirit Week is a chance to do something fun! A cool idea for those who are online would be to change the background picture on Google Meet to match the theme for that day. Google Meet has a bunch of cool background pictures to choose from. I hope you have a great Spirit Week and have a wonderful spring break!