The Wellness Center

This year has been stressful for both students and teachers. The pandemic has limited our resources, our ability to travel, see friends and family, and more. Most importantly, it has affected our mental, physical, and emotional health. Lenape’s Wellness Center came up with an idea to help us relax our minds and just have fun. The Wellness Center is a place where students come to relax and relieve any stress they have off of their shoulders. Inside the Wellness Center, they have chairs and couches, desks, coloring packets, and other activities set up so the students can be productive when they come in. The center is a place where you can talk to people if needed. The teachers inside comfort their students and make them feel like they are not alone. 

The Wellness Center teachers, along with some of the staff at our school, decided it would be a good idea to host a Wellness Day at Lenape! Each in-person student picked one activity to participate in during their gym/health class. The choices were: X-Fit Bodyweight WOD, Tabata-Style Intervals, Consumer Chemistry, Yoga For Relaxation, Sensory Bottles, Busy Hands Calm Racing Minds Bracelet Making, Tools for Refocusing, More than Monopoly, Positive Affirmations, Shooting Hoops, 5×5 Mindfulness Walk, and Vision Boards. All of these options were great techniques used to relax the mind and body. It is important to make sure that the students and staff here at our school maintain a healthy mindset, which is why Wellness Day was created.

It is important to always check up on your health whether it is physical, mental, or emotional. Lenape makes sure we are doing that so we can consistently do well in and out of school. Wellness doesn’t just affect our behavior, but it affects our daily lives as well. Therefore, Wellness Day was perfect to have during this time because it helps us continue to have steady health.