Ways to Relieve a Headache


Most people suffer from headaches, whether they are often, or a once and a while occasion. From a concussion, migraine, or maybe even a head cold, it is sufficient to say that having a headache is not fun. So, here are some different techniques that might help relieve your headaches:

(It should be stated that this is not real medical advice, just helpful tips)

  1. Make sure you drink plenty of water. Dehydration can lead to headaches, so you have to make sure that you’re drinking enough. To know that you are drinking enough water, when you have to pee, it should be clear. When it is clear, then you know you’re drinking enough.
  2. Another easy way to try to help a headache is to apply heat or ice. An ice pack, or a warm compress can help relieve the pain. Try both and use whichever one is the best.
  3. Besides those, not sleeping enough can worsen headaches. Take some time to nap, or even go to bed earlier for more sleep. This can deeply improve a headache, especially if you’re not getting enough sleep.
  4. Bright lights and loud sounds can also contribute to a headache. You can fix this by turning off lights, closing curtains, not using earbuds, avoiding loud music, and staying off electronics.
  5. And then there is always pain medication. Try taking some over the counter painkillers can improve a headache. Just make sure to not take too much.
  6. There are many pressure points that are known to help relieve headaches. There is one right in between your pointer finger and your thumb. And it also doesn’t hurt to massage where the pain is located. 


I hope some of these tips are helpful if you have a headache!