Mental Health Awareness Month


Mental health is stigmatized and is often overlooked upon by society. People tend to take this subject lightly, not quite understanding the full extremity of the topic. Especially during this pandemic, isolation has taken a toll on many individuals’ mental health. As it is Mental Health Awareness Month, now is the right time to highlight the topic of mental health.

Research has found that 1 in 6 people between 6-17 years of age experience a mental health disorder each year in the United States. During the pandemic, that statistic has changed, but still, that includes an extremely high number of people. These mental health disorders include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, and many more.

Ways to maintain good mental health:

  • Limit time on social media
    • Social media is a great way to stay updated with other people’s lives and is a source of news. However, spending too much time on it can negatively impact your mental health. The positivity of social media follows negativity and hate, which severely affects mental health, so limiting that exposure can help.
  • Write in a journal. 
    • In a journal, write out your emotions, events that happened during the day, or anything that you feel like writing about to relieve everything that may be on your mind.
  • Stay connected with people. 
    • It takes effort to maintain relationships with people, so take some time out of your day to visit people or invite them over. You could even catch up with your friends and family through the many online communication platforms.

Do not be afraid to tell a trusted adult how you are feeling, so they can acquire the help that you need. Mental health is a serious matter with detrimental effects and should be treated with such seriousness.