Importance of the Summer Solstice

Importance of the Summer Solstice

The summer solstice is also known as the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.  For people that live in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the longest day of the year, meaning that the sun is visible for the longest time out of the whole year. The summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere marks the start of winter in the Southern Hemisphere.  It marks when the Sun travels along the northernmost path in the sky.  The summer solstice will take place this year at 11:31 pm on Sunday, June 20th.

The summer solstice is celebrated all over the USA.  In Fairbanks, Alaska, there is a midnight sun baseball game and festival.  There is a twelve-hour street fair and a baseball game, with the first pitch taking place at 10:00 pm.  The celebration is held to celebrate the “midnight sun”.  There is such a thing as a “midnight sun” because it is in the sky at 12:00 am due to the summer solstice.  In Seattle, Washington, there is a Fremont Fair.  The Fremont Fair is an art festival that includes a craft market, small vendors, food, and drinks.  

The summer solstice can be celebrated at home.  An easy way to celebrate is to be outside in the sun.  The sun is only out for this long once a year, so you might as well enjoy it!  If you’re going outside, make sure to wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn. 

There is a live stream at Stonehenge.  Each year in Wiltshire, England, hundreds of visitors gather to watch the sunrise over Stonehenge.  The sun rises behind Stonehenge’s Heel Stone.  It is truly a gorgeous sight.  This event was streamed online for the first time in history due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  You can find more information by using this link.

The summer solstice is a very special day that only happens once each year.   It can be celebrated by traveling out of the country or celebrated at home.  It is celebrated to honor the sun and the start of summer.