Lenape Homecoming

Homecoming this year was very different from years past.  Even though the annual dance was held outside and delayed a day due to poor weather, it was still a very fun and eventful night.

The tagline for this year’s dance was “The Only Place to Be”.  The dance was originally scheduled to be held in November. Due to the possibility of cold weather, it was moved up to October 16th. Because of the previous night’s rain, it was instead held on October 17th.  The dance was held outside in the courtyard. The weather had luckily improved from the night before, making homecoming on a brisk night with clear skies. The night started at 6:00 pm when everyone arrived at the school to submit their tickets. There was a DJ playing music and a huge dance circle which formed around him, where people showed off their best moves in the middle. There was a lot of dancing going on outside of the circle as well.

Many students gathered at tables to socialize with friends. There was a photo booth, which dispensed free photos. Many students lined up to get pictures to commemorate this special night. There were chalkboards that students could take pictures with, with funny sayings and phrases on them that pertained to each grade. There was food given out to any students that wanted it as well.

Around 8:00 pm the homecoming court was announced. The homecoming king and queen were crowned. After talking to many students that attended the dance, they said that they had a good time. It truly was “The Only Place to Be”.