Pride Day

Lenape’s Pride Day is one of the most exciting days of the school year. It is the last day of Spirit Week, a competition between the grades to see who is the best. The day consists of fun activities around the school for students to do. Some of these activities include karaoke, friendship bracelet making, writing letters to soldiers, mini-golf, etc. Karaoke was said to be the favorite event of students because it was fun to watch and participate in. Chick-fil-A served chicken sandwiches, waffle chips, iced tea, and lemonade.

Along with Pride Day came the pep rally: the most anticipated part of the day. Students from each grade participated in a series of games to compete for first place while other students cheered them on from the stadium bleachers. One game incorporated being the first person to eat a donut, while another game involved trying to avoid cracking an egg on your partner’s head. A pep rally would not be a pep rally without the tug of war. It was amazing watching the underclass go up against the upperclassmen. After all of the fun games at the pep rally, the winners were announced: the seniors won the pep rally and Spirit Week! The runner-ups were the sophomores. Pride Day was the highlight of the week and a huge success.