Moon Knight Review


On Wednesday, March 30, Marvel Studio’s newest series, Moon Knight, hit Disney+. Many viewers had no idea what to expect of this potential hero, but after getting to see the finale on May 4, I’m sure fans were on the edge of their seats, waiting to learn more. I’m here to debrief on this six-episode series and talk about some of my thoughts on the show as a whole.


WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight.


Starting with the first episode, the show jumps right in, with barely any context for the viewer. There seems to be an air of confusion and mystery that is off-putting. However, this feeling of suspense is what makes it that much more intriguing. We are introduced to Steven Grant, played by Oscar Isaac, who works at a gift shop at the National Art Gallery in London, England. Isaac’s British accent happens to add to the humor of his character– whether he is meant to be intentionally funny or not is unclear to me. Nevertheless, his character makes me laugh in a good way, even at serious moments.

A large mystery that we see with Steven is that he blacks out and wakes up in different places, often surrounded by people that it looks like he killed but has no recollection of doing so. Later in the episode, he learns that he shares a body with mercenary, Marc Spector. The show ties in Egyptian gods and culture, from the exhibit in which Steven works to the music selection of each episode. Marc supposedly serves as the avatar for the god, Khonshu, who you’ll find is not a great person. However, working for Khonshu allows Marc to access his iconic Moon Knight suit that offers him optimal protection. As the show progresses, Steven is also able to access his Mr. Knight suit, which is definitely more formal-looking than Marc’s ceremonial garment.

I also want to point out the fact that Marc Spector is American and Steven is British, which just goes to show Oscar Isaac’s wide range of acting skills. He is able to play two very different roles that viewers can easily separate as two identities. You get to see both of these men grow and develop into the characters you end up loving by the end.

Along the way, we meet Marc’s estranged wife, Layla El-Faouly, who is played by May Calamawy. Her character is tough, brave, and kind. Her independent yet caring personality had me on her side from the start, and as viewers saw, Steven definitely felt the same. Arthur Harrow, another character played by Ethan Hawke, was also introduced. He could almost be considered a misguided “villain,” as he wants to set the goddess, Ammit, free from her tomb, which would be dangerous for the other Egyptian gods and mankind. Steven and Marc must work together in order to stop Harrow from succeeding with his plan.

However, as we go further into the show, there are blackouts that both Marc and Steven cannot account for. In the post-credits scene of the Moon Knight finale, this ultimately leads to the discovery of Marc and Steven’s third identity: Jake Lockley. Viewers are not sure what this could mean for the character, but it will definitely pose an even bigger identity struggle for the three men as Steven had already struggled greatly at the beginning of the show.

Overall, I thought Moon Knight was a good show, especially coming in with no real expectations since I didn’t know what to expect. I will say that it had a slow start in my opinion, but the plot picks up towards the end and I was pulled through heart-wrenching and enjoyable scenes along the way. At times, it was hard to tell what was real or not, but that added to the flair of the show. The friendship between Steven and Marc is truly touching, and if you’ve watched the show in its entirety, you definitely have come to respect Marc and the identity he unintentionally sought solace in with Steven. It is incredible that this character was all played by one person, and the seamless switching of bodies from Marc to Steven and vice versa was amazing to watch as their switch got better by the end.

Fans are not sure if there will be a second season, but there is speculation that there will likely not be one. However, whether or not Moon Knight will make a return for another season, I am truly excited to see what’s next for this character, or dare I say: hero.