Oscars 2022 Slap


Picture from Budiey on Flickr

This year’s Oscar Award Ceremony was one for the history books. The reasoning behind Will Smith’s slap is a controversial debate that will truly never be settled. Some people believe that Smith had every right to slap the comedian star, Chris Rock. On the other hand, others believe that there could have been another way to settle the dispute. Was Smith out of line, or was he merely just defending his family?

The comment that stirred up all the drama was not a comment targeted directly toward Smith but instead his wife. Rock made a joke about how Jada Pinkett Smith should star in the second movie of G.I. Jane because the main character shaves her head, just like how Jada Smith recently shaved her head because of her Alopecia. Some people found this funny, while others found it offensive. People consider it a joke because in the movie the woman shaved her head as a sign of respect and honor, which is not offensive since it has a positive connotation. This is why some people think Smith was overreacting when he walked onto the stage and slapped Rock across the face.

Although, for some, this could be offensive. It could be considered offensive because it may come off as making fun of others. Since Jada Smith has Alopecia, people think Rock was teasing her about her disease. This is why many people think it was reasonable that Will slapped him. People say it was reasonable because he was defending and protecting his wife’s name.

Was Smith overreacting over the joke about his wife? Or did he do what any husband should do? Some may say he could have handled the situation without violence and that they could have had a discussion when the cameras were not on, while others say it was the responsible thing to do.