Lenape Pride Day

This past Friday was Lenape’s annual Pride Day. It concluded spirit week for the school, where students dressed up according to theme each day. Students wore Lenape colors that coordinated with grade levels. This year, seniors wore red, juniors wore black, sophomores wore white, and freshmen wore gray.

Freshmen showing off school spirit
Sophomores decked out in white
Seniors in the courtyard
Juniors wearing black
















After reporting to class for attendance, students were allowed to roam around campus and participate in different activities. Activities included a movie screening, face painting, henna, friendship bracelet making, a UNICEF bake sale, a Helping Hands food sale, a Chick-fil-A sale, a churro sale, karaoke, and more. And after the open-campus activities, there was a pep rally in the south gym.


Students helping with the UNICEF bake sale
Juniors at the Chick-fil-A sale

When asked what their favorite part of Pride Day was, Emma Meunier and Darcy Serenbetz, juniors at Lenape, both replied that “[Their] favorite part was hanging out with [their] best friends and doing all of the fun activities around the school.” Emma also said that she enjoyed “showing Lenape pride.”


Dylan Shugar, a senior, said his favorite part was “the karaoke and churros, and also the cookies.” He also stated, “It was a good experience, and [he] liked walking around with [his] megaphone” (which he used to keep up school spirit).

Other students named the various activities as their favorite parts, including karaoke and the UNICEF bake sale. Pride Day was a fun-filled day, and students are looking forward to next year’s!