Recent Iran Protests


Protests have been raging in Iran due to the recent death of Mahsa Amini, a woman killed in the custody of the police for wearing a hijab incorrectly. Eyewitnesses have reported that she was detained and brutally beaten, and her medical reports were leaked, revealing she suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage or stroke.

Her family saw her body in the hospital covered in bruises and scars, further making them suspicious about her cause of death. There was also bleeding under the ears and eyes. However, on a telecast by Iran International, they stated that the government faked her medical reports by claiming that she comes from a history of heart disease. However, her father made clear that there is no such history of heart disease in their family.

This killing over a trivial issue like hair sparked much anger and protest among Iranian citizens. Women protested by cutting their hair publicly and fighting against government troops. However, these protests have not invoked any change in government policies and in fact, have led to more killings of people. A woman being mutilated by troops was taped on camera and released, and at least 185 others have been killed as a result of tear gas and gunshots. On top of this, the Iranian government has blocked their internet access. Therefore, it is important for Iranian citizens to know that we support this movement for freedom.